Who Are We?

Pishon is a consulting firm that helps start-ups and medium-sized companies build a sales force with minimum capital expenditures. We lower the risk of doing business while driving sales growth by providing a world-class sales solution on a completely accountable basis. Our group will build the programs, recuit the personnel, manage the teams, and close the deals.

Why Use Pishon?

Time is of the Essence
Can management effectively focus on sales and the development of its core product/service?

By focusing on sales your core business takes a back seat. Focus on your core business
and sales retreat.

Choosing Pishon provides management the flexibility to monitor sales while improving its product or service. You would have the resources to grow by focusing on your core competencies allowing us develop and implement a sales and e-strategy that increases exposure for your company and product/service. You can outsource some or all of your sales function and instantly benefit from the drive and expertise of a world class sales force.

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